Personal Projects

IPSW Downloads

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IPSW Downloads is a website which allows you to download current and previous versions of Apple's iOS firmware. Linked in with a Just a Penguin account, you can also receive email and push notifications when new versions are found by the updaters.

iOS email notification
iOS boxcar notification

As well as the website, there is also an IPSW Downloads API, which is used by the website and other developers in their projects - most notably iFaith and sn0wbreeze (popular jailbreaking tools).

There are many projects that contribute to the IPSW downloads pages, the open source ones can be found on the Just a Penguin GitHub.

Just a Penguin

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Just a Penguin website

Just a Penguin is now mainly used as a blog and tutorials for the IPSW Downloads page. Just a Penguin also provides an accounts system which is used on the IPSW downloads site. The accounts system will also be used for upcoming projects under the Just a Penguin name. Now Playing Widget

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A simple widget for using PHP. See it in action above!

A Level Electronics Project - D.A.V.E.

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DAVE the robot

D.A.V.E. (The Disaster Avoidance VEhicle) was my A level Electronics project. Using an ultrasound sensor, D.A.V.E. is able to drive around a room without crashing into any obstacles.

Client Work

Laura Pollacco Photography

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Laura Pollacco Photography website

A portfolio website built for a friend to showcase her awesome photography work. Check it out!

Surenix Graphic Design

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Surenix's website

A website originally designed and built by Thientam Bach, updated by me to conform to web standards and improve cross browser compatibility. Surenix makes amazing iOS themes for jailbroken devices. He is also the author of the fantastic penguin for Just a Penguin.

Michelle Renard Cleaning

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Michelle Renard Cleaning Services website

A website for a local cleaners. Designed by Jaysen Hope and built and hosted by me.